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Africa Mask

Baule Miniature Goli Kplekple Round Horned Mask Africa


African Mask Bakota Reliquary Gabon Africa Brass Ancestor Mask


Africa Cameroon Mask Carving


Tabwa Helmet Mask Musangwe Cowrie Eyes Congo Africa SALE WAS $350.00


Antique African Dan Tribal People Wooden Bagle Dancing Mask Ivory Coast, Africa


African Mask Bakota Reliquary Gabon Africa


Africa Mask Dan Carved Wood Burnished Metal Eyes Dan Mask


Dan Guere Mask Elongated Mouth and Figure on Top Africa SALE WAS $750.00


Chokwe Mask Female Mwana Pwo Congo Bird on Top Africa SALE WAS $175.00


Igbo Mask White Face Male on Top Nigeria Cross River Africa SALE WAS $290.00


Striking Hand Carved Mask 20" with stand - Africa


HORNED MASK (Ivory Coast, Senufo) Baule tribal Africa Alva Natural History Mus


Yoruba Gelede Masquerade Helmut Mask Western Nigeria Africa


Africa Dan Tribe Mask Shells wood hand carved




A Chokwe Dance mask from Angola, Africa


Toma Horned Landai Mask on Stand 38 Inch Guinea Africa SALE WAS $890.00


Vintage Songye Wooden Face Mask Congo Africa


Yaure Mask Beard with Serrated Edges Cote D'Ivoire Africa SALE WAS $190.00


Chokwe Male Tribal pwo mask Rare - Africa Congo   20th century


Bamun Mask Brass Sheeting Cameroon Africa SALE WAS $450.00


Hand Carved Wooden Mask 13" - Africa


Antique African Dan Tribe Gunyege Racing Mask W/ Fiber Beard Ivory Coast, Africa


Africa Dan Mask Carved Wood Ivory Coast Spirit Dan Mask


Baule Mask Bird Ivory Coast Africa SALE WAS $95.00


Bembe Mask Alunga Congo Africa SALE WAS $145.00


Punu Tribal Mask from Gabon, Africa.


Bamana Ntomo Eight Horned Mask Africa Art


Baule Mask Bird Ivory Coast Africa


Antique African Lega Tribal Bwami Face Mask Pigment Beard Remnants Congo, Africa


Bamun Helmet Mask Lattice Headpiece Cameroon Africa Art SALE WAS $590.00


Kuba Ngaady a Mwaash Hooded Mask Beaded Congo Africa